BPO’s RMV’s Reviews / Reconciliation

Click Here To Reach UsToday marketplace demands RAPID turnaround with Efficient… Quality…Report data… we take pride in error reduction enabled by technology along with our experienced staff who are current with reporting requirements and regulations to provided optimal productivity to service all our clients with there unique requirements…our network platform provide a simply streamlined process for the report ordering and delivery process…

“Let us help discover & address discrepancies to prevent costly errors in the review process.”

BPO Reconciliation Review Reports

Our reconciliation review reports provide an independent review by a certified appraiser of a prior BPO against discrepancies and against current market data for an added level of review and diligence. We
review each valuation product for various differences in characteristics in the products reviewed, to determine the estimated market value based on the data presented or available. The reports are also reviewed for reasoning and supportive information that would allow an impartial reader to understand.